Telegram is working normally again after a malfunction affecting users around the world

Russia-ALSHARQIYA October 13: The Downdetector website, which specializes in monitoring internet outages and applications, announced that the Telegram application has restored its normal functioning after a malfunction that affected some of its users at dawn today, Wednesday.
Downdetector had indicated that a number of "Telegram" users had encountered some problems working with the "Telegram" application last night, and that the problems affected users from Russia, the United States, Britain, Germany and several other countries.
 According to the site, "the users of the application complained of problems in the operation of the application and the inability to send and receive text and multimedia messages, as well as problems related to their inability to connect to the application's servers."
The first complaints made by Telegram users in Russia about a glitch in the application's work began at about 2:20 am today, Wednesday, and the largest number of complaints was at about 2:50, and after three in the morning the number of complaints began to decrease.


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