Targeting the home of activist Reda Al-Aqili in Maysan

Maysan - Alsharqiya August 4: Gunmen targeted at the dawn of the civilian activist Reza Al-Aqeeli’s home with a missile launcher and gunfire in the center of Maysan province, security sources said.

The sources said that gunmen targeted the Al-Aqili house with a missile launcher and medium-weapons fire bursts, without targeting any casualties, but it resulted in material damage to the house.

Activist Reda Al-Aqili demonstrated the launcher missile that targeted his house, accusing political and party parties of launching the attack, which he described as a terrorist because of his participation in peaceful demonstrations in Maysan.

He also accused Al-Aqili, a student at the College of Pharmacy, in a video posted on his Facebook account. He accused fake pages on social media, which he said were funded by unidentified parties by trying to overthrow him by exposing him and his family to danger.


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