Successfully removed first nest of "killer wasps" in the United States

Washington-ALSHARQIYA   October  25 : The Washington State Department of Agriculture announced, on Saturday, the removal of the first killer hornet's nest that was discovered in Blaine.
The ministry said, in a statement, that the operation to remove the giant Asian hornet's nest "appeared to be successful."
The statement pointed out that many samples were emptied from a hornet's nest, which was discovered in the hollow of a tree in the border city.
The ministry said it would provide more details, photos and videos at a press conference to be held next Monday.
The ministry published on its Facebook page a video clip showing some wasps trapped in a package after removing their nest.
According to details reported by the Daily Mail, wasps were removed from the tree in a complicated process before they were killed.

The nest was the size of a basketball, and about 200 wasps were emptied from it.
The agricultural authorities had recently seized the nest, which is the first of its kind in the United States, after tracking one of the wasps on which scientists had a wireless tracking device, which led them to the nest site.
The agricultural authorities in Washington had announced, in August, that they had managed to "catch the first giant Asian wasp" known as the "killer hornet", months after flocks of it appeared for the first time last year, according to CNN.
Ministry officials confirmed that 5 wasps of this type were seen in the state, and that this was the first wasp to be caught after a trap was set near Birch Bay.

These giant hornets, which are more than two inches (5 cm) long, can kill a person if they bite them more than once, and they also attack and kill bees, occupy the hive and eat their young, which seriously harms crops that depend on bee pollination, according to US officials.
Scientists believe that these wasps may have arrived in the United States via containers that transported goods.


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