Strikes on ISIS sites in southern Kirkuk

Kirkuk-ALSHARQIYA  June 2 : International coalition aircraft launched air strikes on ISIS sites in the south of Kirkuk as part of military operations to search the southwestern areas of Kirkuk in the boundaries with the Salah ad Din and Kirkuk governorates   The commander of the advanced headquarters for the joint operations in Kirkuk, Saad Harbiyya, announced the killing of 13 militants in two air strikes of the coalition in Wadi Al-Shay, and Harbiyeh indicated that the operations that were launched today were distributed among many axes and that there is a high coordination between all the participating sectors to implement the tasks assigned to them


Informed sources said that government orders were issued to appoint the Minister of the Interior

The Civil Defense Directorate issued a set of wills and guidelines, amid expectations that it would register

The rates of Corona pandemic in Iraq continued to rise after recording 2334