Strategic Dialogue: An Iraqi team of 20 employees before the political dialogue

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  June 5 : It was announced in Baghdad to name 20 employees and advisers to start the strategic dialogue between Iraq and the United States, including former Iraqi ambassadors, and sources said that the strategic dialogue that begins at the employee level via a closed electronic circuit will later move to be political at the level of the leaderships of the two countries to develop a new agreement To ensure the strategic partnership between the two countries  The sources indicated that the Iraqi side will negotiate through a team within the fields of politics, international relations, military, financial, and education


Auditors from the judicial medicine department in Dhi Qar say it violates dangerous health and administrative rules

The Iraqi Security Media Cell announced that a child was wounded and damaged his house after being targeted by a Katyusha missile

Observers warn against the repeated targeting of the Green Zone in general and the US embassy in particular.