Sources: Most of the Iraqi politicians and MPs received the two doses of the Corona vaccine

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  February 25: Senior medical sources in Baghdad revealed that the majority of Iraqi politicians have received the full two doses of the Corona vaccine, specifically the Chinese type, with the exception of a few politicians who have obtained American, British and Russian properties.
 The sources indicated that political figures and representatives received the two doses of the vaccine personally and in complete secrecy, while millions of Iraqis are still waiting for the vaccine to arrive in Iraq.
The sources indicate that Iraq has contracted with Pfizer to supply quantities of the vaccine, but the company's requirement that a law be enacted in the Iraqi parliament to protect it from legal prosecution in the event of recording deaths


The Iraqi Ministry of Finance issued a clarification on the proposal of its minister

The Parliamentary Finance Committee responded to the statement of the Ministry of Finance

The Arab Parliament rejected any targeted attempts