Source: Iraqi officials failed to prevent Washington's decision

Baghdad-AlSHARQIYA   September 28: identical Iraqi sources said that the American administration decided to actually close the headquarters of the American embassy in Baghdad, despite the absence of an official announcement about this.
The sources said that a number of senior Iraqi officials made intensive contacts with the US State Department in an attempt to prevent the announcement of the decision and then freeze its implementation, but these attempts did not achieve tangible results, and the same sources revealed that American officials informed Iraqi officials that they had information about plans to storm the embassy and take hostages from the workers In it, or the repetition of the scenario of the US consulate in Benghazi, in which the US ambassador was killed, which required action by the US administration to prevent this possibility.

The sources added that closing the embassy alone is not the end of the American measures in the event that they begin to be implemented, as there are heavy weight sanctions that will come after permission in addition to measures of an economic and political nature of an unprecedented kind for Iraq.


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