Sixth Republic: Discussing alternatives to compensating the bankrupt state treasury

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  June 18 : The sixth Republic’s program opened the file of the Iraqi state’s treasury free of money, as a member of the Parliamentary Investment Committee Falah Abdul Karim said that Iraq would pay the price of Adel Abdul Mahdi’s government for years and that the current government should hold it  ccountable for the money it spent .. On his part, the expert pointed out The economist, in the name of Antoine, was ignorant of some of the personalities responsible for Iraqi money, in the sense of the rentier economy, which, if it fell, would need years to rise.


The General Authority of Customs in Iraq directed all its customs centers to expedite the inventory of containers

The Coordinators of the October Uprising demanded the authorities in Iraq to take permission from the Beirut bombing and the evacuation

The Iraqis recall the violent bombings that rocked Saqr Camp, located in the Abu Dashir area