Shaways: Big brother in Baghdad has moved away from partnership

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   January 24: The veteran Kurdish politician and former Deputy Prime Minister Rose Nuri Shaways said that the elder brother in Baghdad has moved away from fully implementing the concepts of partnership, consensus and national balance.
Shaways confirmed to the Chairs game the signs of authoritarianism in Baghdad that began in 2006 and that the Shiite religious parties that hold power in Baghdad, which he described as an elder brother, were implementing the constitution according to the interests of one party, far from the concept of true partnership.
On the Shiite-Kurdish alliance ... the veteran Kurdish politician Rose Nuri Shaways said that this alliance gradually broke apart and became in two directions since 2006 after the signs of authoritarianism began to escalate from Baghdad.

And on the relationship of the Kurds with the heads of government who succeeded in governing Iraq after 2003 ... Roj Nuri Shaways said that Ibrahim al-Jaafari did not believe in the constitution while Adel Abdul Mahdi did not take a single step towards solving any problem, while Nuri al-Maliki was more forthcoming in dealing with the Kurds. ... while Haider Al-Abadi was called the author of the saying "the Erbil agreement has ended"
The veteran Kurdish politician Roj Nuri Shaways revealed the content of the message that he carried during his recent visit to Baghdad at the head of a delegation from the Democratic Party, which included communicating the political parties in Baghdad with a clear and clear message that if you want to move away from the partnership with the Kurds as a major component, the Kurdistan region will not be silent and have a lot Of alternatives


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