Schenker: We will not hesitate to act to protect our soldiers in Iraq

WASHINGTON - ALSHARQIYA  October  1 : The United States warned that it would not tolerate the attacks launched by pro-Iranian factions on American interests in Iraq and threatened revenge amid the Iraqi government's fears of a possible US withdrawal.
The American threats came from David Schenker, the US Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East, who said in a press briefing that the United States cannot tolerate threats against its citizens and its army stationed abroad, and it will not hesitate to take firm measures if necessary to protect its personnel.

Shankar told reporters that the biggest problem in Iraq is the Iranian-backed militias that undermine stability and attack the United States, adding that the weapons are not under the control of the central government and these groups continue to fire missiles at the embassy and attack the Americans .. And Shankar was responding to a question about news On the threat to close the United States Embassy in Baghdad, which he did not confirm or deny, and said only ... that the US State Department intends to continue working with the Iraqi authorities to ensure the protection of American interests


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