Salam Al-Husseini: Iraq lives in a state of non-state

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   July 10 : Activist Salam Al-Husseini said that Iraq lives in the country of no-ness, because it is the arms authority that controls the scene
 Al-Husseini added during an interview with Al-Sharqiya News that the October Revolution warned against the continued absence of the state and the proliferation of militants outside the law, and indicated that the arms authority controls the Iraqi reality


The protest demonstrations in Al-Fahd district, east of Dhi Qar, witnessed gunfire by armed elements in civilian clothes

Hundreds of protesters in Al-Akikah, southeast of Dhi Qar, closed the district directorate again

The protesters of Al-Haboubi Square, the main sit-in center in the city of Nasiriyah, held a symbolic funeral ceremony for the martyrs of the demonstrations