Saint Laurent fashion from the Trocadero to the Moroccan Sahara

Maghreb-ALSHARQIYA  December 17: Vaccarillo has already abandoned Trocadero Square, which overlooks the Eiffel Tower, but also gave up the direct display of his designs due to the health conditions imposed by the spread of the Corona epidemic. He chose the Moroccan Sahara to shoot his Spring-Summer 2021 outfit in the form of a video film of about 10 minutes duration. It was recently featured on the Aldar website and its social media pages.

66 views presented by Vacarillo in this collection of which he said: “I wanted to focus on the essence of things. I think it is a sign of this era, but I moved away from the dark or heavy. For me the desert symbolizes this yearning for clarity, open air, and a slow pace. As for clothes. They are smooth and show the abstract character of the entire collection. "
This journey to find the essence of things led designer Anthony Vaccarello to designs predominantly black. As for the looks, they were inspired by the version of the "smoking" suit, which he worked to present in a style that reflects comfort and freedom of movement. He succeeded in transforming it from a classic official piece into a costume subject to the interplay between the world of fantasy and the world of elegance, influenced by a quantity of hope and new aspirations.

Vaccarello's designs were distinguished by their aggressive youthful style. This collection echoes the appearance of cyclists' trousers, which were coordinated with "blazers" at one time and shirts that adorned a knot at another time. As for the short dresses, some were decorated with floral prints, which added a touch of optimism to the looks. Fur and feathers have been repeatedly used to add luxurious touches to the outfits, despite their comfortable character.
It was also remarkable in this group that the designs were accompanied by large accessories that varied between classic and innovative, to perfectly embody Saint Laurent's movement between extremism and classicism, which is one of the main reasons for its success in past seasons.


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