Sadiq al-Rikabi: China's agreement is not transparent and mortgages the fate of generations

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  January 14 : Economic expert Sadiq Al-Rikabi stressed that the agreement concluded between the Iraqi government and China is vague and lacks transparency and cannot be mortgaged to future generations with an agreement that depends on mortgaging the country’s wealth. Al-Rikabi told Al-Sharqiya News that China follows the policy of loan trap to expand its influence to control countries economically And militarily, as in Djibouti, when it failed to pay its bills to China and entered its forces there


Peaceful protests escalated in Baghdad and a number of Iraqi governorates, with large crowds flocking to the demonstration squares.

Dozens of university and institute students in Baghdad flocked to Tahrir Square, the peaceful sit-in center

Communication sites shared pictures of the martyr student Abbas Majid in his school in Nasiriyah on his school seat in the school adorned with a phrase - the student missed to attend the country