Renewed calls for prosecution of the protesters' killers

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   October  25 : The Tahrir Square tunnel was filled with tens of thousands of demonstrators who flocked to the main peaceful demonstration center in central Baghdad to renew the era of the October Uprising
And affirmation of steadfastness on its legitimate demands, foremost of which is to uncover the killers of the demonstrators and prosecute them, and to hold free and fair elections under the supervision of the United Nations and internationally to prevent fraud again.
The demonstrators confirmed that they are continuing their demonstrations in the context of a peaceful escalation that will not subside before all the demands for which they came out since the 25th of October of 2019 are met.


The US Embassy in Baghdad condemned the violence against peaceful demonstrators in Al-Haboubi Square, in the center of Nasiriyah

The head of the Iraqi national project, Jamal Al-Dhari, criticized the silence of the United Nations special envoy

Al-Diwaniyah protests activist Husam Al-Abidi survived an assassination attempt, with an armed attack targeting his car