Removal of members of the National Guard from the security mission in Washington

WASHINGTON - ALsharqiya, January 20: The Pentagon announced that the National Guard had removed 12 members from the security mission assigned to securing the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden in Washington on Wednesday, following an investigation to establish whether there was any relationship between the elements responsible for ensuring the security of the capital and extremist groups. National Guard Commander General Daniel Hukanson said that two of the 12 dismissed officers made inappropriate comments or writings, refusing to reveal the nature of these comments. Hukanson explained that the head of one of these two elements informed the leadership about what his subordinate said, while the process of reporting the second was carried out by an unidentified source. As for the ten remaining elements, Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman stressed that the decision to remove them from the security mission has nothing to do with the current events in the Capitol nor the fears many people have of extremism.


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