Refineries and commissions: Oil cancels the contract with the investing company in the refinery

Baghdad-Sharqia June 26: The Iraqi Ministry of Oil canceled the contract with the investing company for one of the refineries and withdrew the work from the company on Monday, stressing that it will not change its position on the contract and will not retract its cancellation, no matter how large the pressure it faces from some parties without success. In dissuading the ministry from the decision to cancel the contract, well-informed sources indicated that the previous government had not taken a decision regarding the delay in the project despite the great failure and explicit violations by the investing company and the same sources confirmed that the company that was contracted with is basically bankrupt and was unable to From obtaining financial security from any international bank Sweetened  or even local over the period of the contract, as well as dozens of legal cases brought against it before several courts in the world after accusing them of corruption and committing cases of commercial financial fraud


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