Qatar enters the history of the "Golden Cup" with an unprecedented achievement

USA-ALSHARQIYA July 21: The Qatari team achieved a historic achievement in the "Golden Cup" tournament, after defeating its counterpart Honduras, as it became the first invited team to qualify as the leader of its group, surpassing international teams that participated in previous editions, such as Brazil, Colombia and Korea Southern.

No team invited to the tournament has ever scored such distinguished numbers as the Annabi team, as the teammates of the brilliant Hammam Ahmed finished the group stage leading with a full seven points, collected from a draw against Haiti and a win against Grenada, and then the last result at the “BBVI” stadium. in Houston, USA.

The Qatari team continues a series of positive results in official matches, as it won 4 matches and drew in two, when participating in the European qualifiers and the Gold Cup, against teams that differ in the way of playing and the tactical approach in different continents.


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