Qasmi's Emirati designs were not lost on London Fashion Week

London-ALSHARQIYA  February 25: Qasimi participated in the activities of London Fashion Week through a virtual show that took the form of a short film of about 10 minutes duration, in which the grace of choreographic movements combined with the modern elegance of men's and women's fashion. So what is new about this house that was founded by Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi and has been interested in it since his death, his sister, Sheikha Hoor?
The late Emirati designer Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi used to present his collection of men's fashion as part of the London Week for Men. His latest designs in this field were presented at the beginning of the year 2020 after his sudden death in the summer of 2019.

Despite the designer's absence, the designs bearing his name have remained present on the stage, thanks to the efforts of his twin sister, Sheikha Hoor, who is interested in supervising the growth of his brand and maintaining its presence in the international fashion arenas.
Sheikha Hoor has chosen to include the House's Fall / Winter 2021 collection, both for women and men. She participated in the London Fashion Week activities through a short film that was displayed virtually on the platforms for this purpose and social media.

The new collection was distinguished by its classic cuts and modernity at the same time. The details of the oriental culture entered into it, represented by the use of traditional Emirati textiles and military engravings reminiscent of the Yemeni army. Smooth lines and small squares decorate the outfits with modern, geometric details.
Cloth, tweed, denim and wool are classic materials that frequently appear in this collection, in addition to modern rainproof materials. As for the colors, they seemed to be inspired by nature in autumn, with their warm colors. Many of the looks were accompanied by hats attached to a scarf that wraps around the neck.

This group of costumes bore the slogan “We live under the same sky,” to remind us that man lives today in similar conditions with his fellow man, even if their geographical locations are different. This is the result of the epidemic that has spread to all parts of the world without making any distinction between races, races, social, economic and cultural conditions.


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