Popular Mobilization operations open an investigation into the bombing of Erbil airport

Nineveh -ALSHARQIYA   October  1 : The Nineveh Operations Command announced to the Popular Mobilization Forces that it had opened an investigation into the bombing of Erbil airport by missiles launched from an area under its control and expressed surprise at what it described as hasty reactions.
The PMF leadership in Nineveh stated in a statement that the area from which the rockets were launched towards Erbil is considered an uninhabited area between a triangle surrounded by the army and the Popular Mobilization Forces from among the Shabak and Peshmerga forces, and that it has opened an investigation into the incident to find out where the wheel loaded with missiles came from.
The statement stated that a force led by the commander of the 30th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces went to search and track down the rocket launchers, and the place from which the vehicle was launched and the party that controls the place will be announced.


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