Polls open in Germany to choose Merkel's successor

Berlin-ALsharqiya September 26: Polling stations opened on Sunday morning, in Germany, in legislative elections with unclear results, in which the Social Democrats and conservatives are competing to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel, who will withdraw from political life after 16 years in power. Conservative candidate Armin Laschet is running against SPD candidate and finance minister Olaf Schulz in Merkel's coalition, who has won all three television debates for the top candidates. Schultz did not rule out an alliance with a party, but said NATO membership was a red line for his party. Opinion polls show the SPD narrowly ahead, but the Conservatives have narrowed the gap in recent days and many voters have yet to make up their minds. The closest scenario also indicates that the winner of the Social Democratic Party, the CDU and the Christian Social Union will form a coalition with the Greens and the Liberal Democrats.


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