Polls: Biden is ahead of Trump by 2.1%

Washington-ALSHARQIYA  October  30 : Polls showed that the Democratic candidate for the US presidential elections, "Joe Biden", outperformed the Republican candidate "Donald Trump" by 52.1 percent, compared to 47.9 percent for the current president.
Most of the polls in the past two weeks suggest former Vice President "Joe Biden" will win by a large margin what "Hillary Clinton" achieved in 2016 ..
To date, more than 80 million Americans have cast their early ballot votes, by mail and by in person, in positions that maintained the terms of the separation.

While political circles and international observers are expecting a new stage in American politics if the Democratic candidate, "Joe Biden", wins the position of president, especially with regard to Iraq, Iran, Russia and China, other circles see that American policy depends on a phased approach to its goals whether he wins Trump or he lost his position.


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