Placido Domingo launches the International Opera Singers Competition in Moscow

Russia-ALSHARQIYA October 18: The "Operalia - 2021" competition for opera singers, founded by world opera star Placido Domingo, will be held from October 18-26 at the Russian Academic "Bolshoi" Theater in Moscow.
As for the first round of the competition, it was held on Monday, October 18, on the new stage of the theatre.
It is noteworthy that Placido Domingo, who launched the competition, arrived in Moscow on October 12, where he led the orchestra at the Tosca opera on October 12, 14 and 16 at the new stage of the Bolshoi Theatre.
A Bolshoi spokeswoman indicated that Placido Domingo is the artistic director of the "Operalia" competition, which he founded in 1993. The purpose of the competition, according to Maestro Placido Domingo, is to search for new talents and help them develop their creative careers.
The competition jury nominated 34 male and female singers out of a total of 100 applications submitted to participate in it. Among the participants were the singer of the opera group of the Bolshoi Theater, Khuzoud Dafronov, singer of the "Pokrovsky Theater" Valery Makarov and graduates of the opera program of the "Bolshoi Theater", Victoria Karkacheva and Dmitry Chiplikov.
The semi-finals of the competition will be held on October 20. On October 24, a grand concert will be held on the historical stage of the "Bolshoi Theater" with the participation of Maestro Placido Domingo and the finalists of the "Operalia - 2021".
It is noteworthy that the "Operalia" competition is held every year in various cities of the world. It has previously held in Washington, Madrid, Los-Angeles, Budapest, Astana, Mexico and others. The 2011 "Operalia" competition was hosted by the Stanislavsky Musical Theater in Moscow.


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