Pay Far offers its collection of shoes and bags for the fall-winter season 2020

New York-ALSHARQIYA    August  7 : The Bay Faran brand has unveiled its new collection of shoes and bags for the Fall / Winter 2020 season, inspired by the vital energy of the American movie Sex and the City. Despite the brand's reputation for presenting various models of shoes in a style that reflects the fashion of the nineties of the last century, especially Mules' open-back shoes, closed butts designs and simple classic pumps models with high heels, the new season collection is distinguished by a modern touch.
The collection features pink leather and emerald silk shoulder bags, as well as shiny metallic accessories, adding a romantic touch to the collection.

This season, the brand is introducing stunning and brand-new designs that complement Bay-Var's list of basic footwear models, featuring cowboy boots with a luxurious classic touch of wrinkled leather, as well as simple loafers with ankle chains and glittering loafers with a narrow and long strap, inspired by Beautiful time fashion. The seasonal models of Bay Fares bestselling bags have maintained their presence, including the Mirinda bag that returns in a feminine version, featuring a snake-patterned frame that gives fall wardrobe a touch of rejuvenation.


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