Parliament approves the Kirkuk districts and ends the legislation of the law

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  October 30 : The Iraqi Parliament completed the legislation of the new election law after voting on the number of electoral districts in Kirkuk, which included twelve seats five for the Kurds, four for Turkmen, and three for Arabs.
 According to the new election law, the distribution of electoral districts for the governorates will be as follows ..
17 districts in Baghdad, 8 districts in Nineveh, 6 districts in Basra, 5 in Dhi Qar and Sulaymaniyah, 4 each in Babylon, Anbar, Erbil and Diyala, and 3 each in Kirkuk, Najaf, Salah al-Din, Dohuk, Diwaniyah, Karbala, Wasit and Maysan, and two districts in Muthanna


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