Pakistani elephant transported Kavan to an animal sanctuary in Cambodia

 Pakistan-ALSHARQIYA   November 30: The Pakistani elephant "Kavan" was transferred, on Sunday, on a cargo plane to an animal reserve in Cambodia, Salim Sheikh, a spokesman for the Pakistani Ministry of Climate Change, revealed.
It is scheduled that the American singer Cher received Kavan upon his arrival in Cambodia after spending the past few days with him in Islamabad.
Sher had written songs calling for Kavan to be saved from his gloomy and lonely living conditions in an Islamabad zoo.

Dozens of wildlife workers and experts led by the animal rescue organization For Pose used a crane and rope to pull the drugged elephant this morning into a cage specially designed to transport it to the Cambodian city of Siem Reap.
"It is a moving day for all of us, but we also call it Victory Day," said Amer Khalil, a veterinarian at Four Bose.
The cage, which weighed ten tons, was then lifted by a crane outside the fenced barn and placed on a truck.
Four Bose said that Kavan flight officials take more than 200 kilograms of food, including bananas and melon, to be eaten during the flight.


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