Ostrich behavior raises astonishment zoo workers

London-ALSHARQIYA   September  28 : The behavior of a male ostrich raised astonishment at the workers at "Lingley Safari Park" in Britain, because of its behavior as if it were a zebra.
Park workers noticed that the male ostrich tends to run with zebras, and that he eats with them, and tries to imitate them when they move their tails.
He discovered the strange behavior of the ostrich after the bird refused to sit on the eggs that usually hatch after 46 days, and preferred to play with the herd of zebras.
The British newspaper "Sun" quoted one of the garden workers as saying that the ostrich spends its time with the herd of zebras, which appear as if they accept their presence among them.
The worker added that the problem lies in the need for the bird to sit on the eggs to hatch after mating with an ostrich, which makes the garden think of bringing another male ostrich.


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