One of the Patriot batteries arrives at Ein Al-Assad base

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA March 31 : The United States began deploying the Patriot air defense missile system in Iraq, nearly two months after the American forces were attacked by Iranian ballistic missiles, according to US and Iraqi military sources, told Agence France-Presse, and one of the Patriot batteries reached the Ain al-Assad base where soldiers are deployed. Americans, last week, are currently being installed according to an American military official and an Iraqi military source. The American official said that another battery had reached a military base in Erbil and two other batteries are still in Kuwait awaiting their transfer to Iraq.  Patriot systems consist of highly sophisticated radars and interceptors that can destroy a ballistic missile while it is flying. A military source familiar with the negotiations told France Press that high-level Iraqi officials indicated during a meeting with US Central Command commander Gen. Kenneth Mackenzie last February that Washington could give Baghdad a political "cover" by reducing its number in Iraq with the deployment of defensive missiles. .


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