Omar Sy signs a contract with “Netflix” to produce feature films

France-ALSHARQIYA October 13 : French actor Omar Sy signed a two-year contract with the online entertainment and movie streaming platform "Netflix", to develop films, after the success they achieved together through the series "Lupin" about the noble thief "Asaan Diop", who seeks Influenced by Arsene Lupine's adventurous style and skill, to take revenge on a wealthy family that has wronged his father.
"Lupin" is the most-watched series on Netflix, after "Squid Game" and "Bridgerton", attracting 76 million viewers in its first month, according to internal data.
The second season of "Lupin" was released last June.
The agreement, which was announced by "Netflix" on Tuesday, did not reveal any financial details or specific projects, but it stated that Omar Sy would be a hero and an executive producer in a number of feature films.
According to the website Variety, this is the first agreement of its kind that Netflix has made with a French talent.
Omar Sy said, in a statement, that he was "very happy with this opportunity," praising the platform's cooperation with artists and its quest to "bring unique and diverse stories to all homes around the world."
"The platform looks forward to working with Omar Sy and his team," said Gael Marsky, the director of "Netflix" in France.


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