Oil prices continue to decline and lose more than 5%

 Texas - ALSHARQIYA  June 25 : Oil prices continued to decline after tumbling by more than 5% during the previous session, as the record increase in US crude stocks and the rapid spread of Covid-19 cases cast a shadow of doubt over recovering fuel demand, and the futures contracts for US West Texas Intermediate fell. About 2% to $ 37 and 21 cents a barrel, after falling two dollars and 40 cents yesterday, as Brent crude futures fell by about 1.8% to $ 39 and 59 cents a barrel, after it fell two dollars and thirty cents a barrel yesterday.


The protest demonstrations in Al-Fahd district, east of Dhi Qar, witnessed gunfire by armed elements in civilian clothes

Hundreds of protesters in Al-Akikah, southeast of Dhi Qar, closed the district directorate again

The protesters of Al-Haboubi Square, the main sit-in center in the city of Nasiriyah, held a symbolic funeral ceremony for the martyrs of the demonstrations