Oil Paintings Turn into Men's Fashion with "Moschino"

Milan-ALSHARQIYA   January 16: Moschino has chosen to present its men's collection for Fall 2021, one day before the start of Milan Fashion Week. The strangeness that marked this timing also affected the design of the group that presented it, which made it difficult to differentiate between the worlds of reality and fiction.
A collection par excellence presented by Creative Director of the House Jeremy Scott. The men's fashion included in Walidah came from long months that the designer spent in isolation and during which he continued drawing lessons, and his designs were influenced by two worlds: the old Hollywood elegance on the one hand and the spontaneity that accompanies hand drawing on the other hand.

Only 28 designs were included in this collection, which consisted of coats, suits, tracksuits, and even tuxedos that seemed to have passed down to us from the 1940s. The brushstrokes that usually decorate impressionist paintings are evident on costumes and accessories that had just appeared from the oil paintings. The décor surrounding the costumes evokes views of a city steeped in darkness as if it were an old police movie.
Global health conditions prevented Jeremy Scott from presenting new ones in the form of a direct show, as usual, and he was satisfied with presenting his uniforms in compliance with the protective measures against the spread of the Corona epidemic. The audience followed his collection on fashion websites and social media.

Classic cuts and artistic touches appeared clearly in the designs and were in harmony with the sporty character that was evident in the costumes, military shoes, and large bags. These designs have captured the attention of fashion critics, who have praised Jeremy Scott's innovative idea and executed it in an elaborate manner that blends reality and fiction. Check out some of the looks from this collection below.


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