Nineveh deputies warn of the decision of the Ministry of Defense to transfer its employees

Nineveh - AlSharqiya April 4: Nineveh deputies were surprised by the measures taken by the Ministry of Defense and Federal Police to open the leaves to the affiliates and allow them to move from one governorate to another in conjunction with the governorate’s decision to prevent entry and exit from Nineveh in order to contain the Corona virus and the deputies demanded from Nineveh to stone towards two affiliated members of the security services They enter and leave Nineveh Governorate and warn of the danger of this step in the outbreak of the Corona epidemic first among the affiliates and the civilian population, because of the entry and exit of employees of the security services of Nineveh Governorate, and Nineveh deputies from the ministries of Defense and Health and the Office of the Commander in Chief Armed with a stone s associate in their camps and barracks and the provision of examination for examination devices and quarantine suspects in private hospitals in Baghdad, the lack of places for quarantine in the city


International coalition aircraft targeted ISIS gatherings in Nineveh Governorate

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On Thursday, the Iraqi Minister of Defense, Juma Anad, visited Anbar Province to clarify the circumstances of his recent statements on the shortest path