New cancellations in the fashion calendar and the reason ... "Corona

Paris-ALSHARQIYA   October  29 : The spread of the Corona epidemic has paralyzed many international fashion weeks. In the absence of a clear end to the quarantine measures affecting billions of people around the world, Summer Fashion Weeks have been canceled in London, Paris and Milan.
In this context, the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Haute Couture in Paris announced the cancellation of the men's fashion week, which was to be held between the 23 and 28 of June. He also canceled the Parisian High-end Tailoring Week, which was scheduled for the period between 5 and 9 July. In a statement, the council revealed that the union is actively working with its members to find possible alternatives to the offers.

In Italy, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana announced that the men's fashion week, which was to be held in Milan between 19 and 23 June just before Paris Week, will be postponed and combined with the women's clothing week that will be held next September. The organization said in a statement that it is working on finding digital alternatives to the shows that were scheduled to be presented during Fashion Week, so that the buying season can stay on schedule.
In Britain, the British Fashion Council announced that the men's fashion shows that were scheduled to take place next June will not be presented, and that the organization is looking for new ways to replace them with digital shows. In New York, the Council of Fashion Designers of America canceled the agenda for the 2021 travel offers.


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