Nawfal Al-Akoub, the former governor of Mosul, was arrested on charges of embezzlement

Mosul-ALSHARQIYA  October  19 : The Judicial Control Police of the Integrity Commission arrested the former governor of Nineveh on the back of accusations against him in cases of administrative corruption and financial embezzlement, while local sources confirmed that the governor who was arrested was Nawfal Al-Akoub.
The Investigation Department of the Integrity Commission said that its cadres in the governorate arrested the former governor of Nineveh in accordance with the legal and judicial procedures for dealing with major corruption cases.
The commission had formed a high-level investigative team to uncover the fate of the funds that were withdrawn before the dismissal of the former governor, and seized a number of officials and employees in the provincial office on charges of embezzlement and squandering state funds, as the sums whose priorities were seized exceeded 76 billion Iraqi dinars.

Security and local sources in Mosul confirmed that forces affiliated with the Supreme Committee for Combating Corruption and Extraordinary Crimes Cases drove the former governor of Nineveh, Nawfal Al-Akoub, to Baghdad.
The sources pointed out that the airborne forces of the Anti-Terrorism Service, along with officials of the Anti-Corruption Commission, came to the headquarters of the Integrity Commission in Mosul and took Al-Akoub to transport him to Baghdad.


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