Nawab: Basra Governorate is deprived of its share of petrodollars

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   January  13 : Basra's deputies submitted a proposal to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to amend Basra's share in the current 2021 budget because of the grievances it suffered in the draft budget law.
A document bearing the signature of 36 representatives from Basra showed a request to the presidency of the parliament to change the governorate’s share to be 10% of the 2021 budget of Iraq, as it is the economic capital of Iraq and the first oil source in the country, but it was deprived of its rights in the financial allocations, especially its share in the petro-dollar .. He added Representatives, the signatories, claim that Basra is still subjected to injustice in the budgets of Iraq by the successive governments of the country for several years until now.


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