National Dialogue Front: Arms, money, and counterfeiters must be removed from the elections

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, August 3: The National Dialogue Front, headed by Saleh Al-Mutlaq, called for creating the appropriate environment for holding early elections and not allowing the owners of uncontrolled weapons, political money and counterfeiters to influence their results.

The Dialogue Front stated in a statement that any step to disrupt the holding of elections for any reason and from any party was to prioritize partisan and factional interests over the higher interests of the country and transcend the will and desire of the people.


The Iraqi judiciary issued an arrest warrant against the former Iraqi Minister of Communications Naim Al-Rubaie

The Ministerial Council for National Security in Iraq held an emergency session to discuss the implications of the missile strikes

The United States has warned that it will not tolerate attacks by loyalist factions.