Mustafa Al-Kazemi: We are keen on confining weapons and protecting missions

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  September  30 : Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi renewed his government's keenness to restrict weapons to the hands of the state and protect diplomatic missions and headquarters
Al-Kazemi's statements came during his meeting with ambassadors of 25 countries at their request to discuss recent threats to the security of diplomatic missions in Iraq.
Al-Kazemi said that outlaws who try to offend Iraq's reputation and its international obligations are acting under the inspiration of non-national motives, and that Iraq, the people and the government, will confront these and will work to protect its guests as required by diplomatic norms throughout history.
For their part, the ambassadors expressed to Al-Kazemi the concern of their countries about the increase in attacks against diplomatic facilities with missiles and bombs against convoys and the risks these attacks carry on the lives of Iraqi diplomats and civilians.


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