Mustafa Al-Kazemi: The abuser will only face punishment and legal prosecution

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, August 3: The commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, vowed that anyone who tries to use his presence in the security forces to attack the Iraqi citizen.

 He said that the abuser will only face punishment and legal prosecution.

Al-Kazemi's statements came as he received the event, Hamid Saeed, who was subjected to an immoral attack by law enforcement forces.

Al-Kazemi said that the leadership is in the process of reassessing the performance of law enforcement forces, because the original principle of its formation is the protection of people, not their humiliation, pledging to the aggressor to take the course of the law, and to punish those who committed the attack according to the law, and to protect the citizens.

Al-Kazimi also directed the provision of a lawyer to assist the juvenile, Hamid Saeed, and to provide him with legal support. He also promised to take care of him personally to complete his studies and turn what he had been exposed to as a force serving the community.


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