Mustafa Al-Kazemi: Iraq is fighting a war against corruption and devastation

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   July 10: The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa al-Kazimi, said that Iraq is now fighting a war against corruption and devastation after the removal of terrorism, stressing that the Iraqis will win the reconstruction of their country and their war on corruption and corrupt
 Al-Kazemi issued a statement on the occasion of the third anniversary of the liberation of Mosul from ISIS control, in which he praised the heroism of all Iraqi armed forces, and said that nations are proud of their victories over the enemies of humanity and that Iraqis have the right to be proud of the memory of their victory over ISIS.
 He pointed out that the victory in Mosul restored the one's soul to the Iraqis, and called for the martyrs who raised the name of Iraq high among the nations and preserved the dignity of the nation.


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