Murata away from Juventus due to a strange virus

Italy-ALSHARQIYA  February 22: The sudden absence of Spanish striker Alvaro Morata from the starting lineup, in the last game for Juventus, raised questions about the reasons, and curiosity increased when coach Andrea Pirlo confirmed that Morata passed out after the match.
After Juventus' match against Porto in the first leg of the Champions League final last Wednesday, Pirlo said that Morata was not ready for 90 minutes because he had not trained perfectly due to his infection with the virus.
The Italian coach explained that Morata fainted after the match, and was feeling nauseous and tired.

The Italian site "calciomercato" stated that these symptoms are related to infection with "cytomegalovirus", saying that this virus weakens immunity and causes a number of non-serious symptoms.
The Italian site indicated that the player needed to rest in order to recover, and he expected Morata to return to Juventus matches soon.
The challenge for Morata will be to regain fitness before the return match against Porto on the ninth of next month, to help the team overcome the first 1-2 loss and qualify for the next round.


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