Moscow doctors withdraw 209 magnetic balls from a young child's stomach

Russia-ALSHARQIYA   APRIL 13: The two-year-old has swallowed the magnet, but the stomach has already begun to digest it.
The digestive system could not handle such a dangerous product and the boy began to suffer from bleeding. The parents noticed this and handed their son to the doctors of the Institute of Pediatric Emergency Surgery in Moscow.
And the doctors realized that the magnetic balls are still in the stomach despite their large number, and this means that surgical intervention can be dispensed with, and the magnetic balls can be withdrawn during the endoscopy using a special robotic hand.
But it turned out later that this was not easy. The sharp ends of the balls that had been deformed by handling gastric juice could have severed the mucous membrane.

The process was difficult and took two hours. But she was ultimately successful. He rescued the boy, by pulling 209 magnetic balls out of his stomach.


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