Morrison: We understand France's disappointment, but Australia's security is more important

Sydney-ALsharqiya September 19: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison defended on Sunday his government's decision to complete a deal with the United States and Britain to build nuclear-powered submarines. Morrison said in a press briefing that he understands France's disappointment at his country's retraction from completing this deal, but he made it clear that Australia needs to protect its interests. From a deal to buy French submarines. Minister Dutton said that Australia had spoken with the French government about its concerns about the purchase of the agreement between the two governments to buy French submarines, while Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison expressed to French President Emmanuel Macron last June very large concerns about the agreement, explaining that Australia would need to take action. A decision in our national interest. Australia abandoned a 2016 agreement with France's Naval Group to build a fleet of conventional submarines, and on Thursday announced a plan to build at least eight nuclear-powered submarines using US and British technology in a tripartite security partnership.


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