Moonlight shines on Muhammad Ashi's new designs

Saudi-ALSHARQIYA   January 1, Saudi designer Muhammad Ashi chose his Instagram page to present his high-end autumn and winter fashion collection, in the time of Corona and the absence of direct shows, virtual shows remain the only way to reach the audience.
After Ashi Studio moved from its headquarters in Beirut to the fashion capital of Paris, its designer presented a luxurious capsule collection in a short video of only 3 minutes, but the implementation of his designs took many hours of hard work.
White overshadowed most of the looks of this group entitled "The Arrival of Light".

The moonlight that came shining in the video inspired the designer to create designs that he said in the attached notes: “In times of mystery, we turn our gaze toward the sky as if we are invoking a higher power that moves us away from our earthly troubles, and in this darkness the moonlight appears to us as if it were They take care of us night after night ... "
Among the highlights of this group:
• A short white dress accompanied by a "long cap" adorned with ruffles. It was titled "A Cloud of Hope" and was executed from organza fabric.
• Jumpsuit, accompanied by a long coat, distinguished by a large sleeve.
• A multi-length dress in the form of a coat, whose skirt is decorated with huge ruffles.
• A white crepe dress decorated with front buttons and a long scarf executed in a "drape" style.

• Jumpsuit decorated with feathers in the upper part.
• A long dress without sleeves decorated with pearl beads and silver embroideries.
A message of hope that designer Muhammad Ashi wanted to direct through this collection that he presents at an exceptional time, and he borrowed its radiance from the moonlight and included multi-sized engineering details that add vitality to the views and make them more like a space of hope in the world of darkness in which we currently live.


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