Ministerial Council for Iraqi National Security confirms the right to demonstrate peacefully

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, October 25: The Ministerial Council for National Security stressed during an exceptional meeting chaired by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mustafa Al-Kazemi the importance of the demonstrators ’commitment to peaceful demonstrations, discipline and cooperation with the security forces.

A statement by the Prime Minister affirmed that the meeting affirmed the right to peaceful protest in accordance with the freedoms stipulated in the constitution, and the importance of protecting public and private property in places where demonstrations take place.

 The statement stated that Al-Kazemi defined the work space of each security apparatus and the duties of each class of security forces, calling on the security forces to show a spirit of high discipline, professionalism and specialization, in implementation of their duty to provide protection for all and reject any assault on the security forces.


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