Millionaires Tuesday: The crowds of liberation renew the covenant and fulfill the blood of the martyrs

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA February 25: The Tahrir Square in central Baghdad witnessed a million march that went out to renew the covenant and fulfill the blood that fell during the legislative uprising that erupted 5 months ago. The liberation roamed millions of marches and from various groups, students and groups, to confirm that the revolution will not be extinguished and that the peaceful movement will continue until Response of those in power to the voice of the voice, and the protesters chanted slogans refusing to procrastinate the demands and the installation of persons in the government of dual nationalities, renewing the covenant that the people are the source of the decision and that he made the decision to set next October as the date for early elections


5 martyrs and wounded were reported due to a terrorist attack by ISIS in Jalawla district in Diyala Governorate

The joint Iraqi forces continue their military operations for a third day to pursue ISIS remains

International coalition aircraft targeted ISIS gatherings in Nineveh Governorate