Microsoft releases a new version of "Windows"

USA-ALSHARQIYA June 3: The American company "Microsoft" is preparing to launch a new version of its famous operating system "Windows" this month.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella described the new version of Windows as the "most important addition" to personal computer operating systems this decade.

The new version, according to the company, will include many changes, including design, and will allow for easier communication between users, according to Bloomberg.

It is possible to see some significant changes in the user interface of Windows under the name "Sun Valley", most notably the rounded corners in menus such as "Start".

Technical leaks also indicate that Microsoft is working on rearranging applications across multiple screens, adding the Xbox Auto HDR feature, and improving Bluetooth audio support.

Microsoft is working on a new app store for the Windows operating system in recent months, and reports indicate that the software giant wants to open its store to all competing applications and payment platforms, according to IIT News, a technical news site.

It is worth noting that Windows represents about 14 percent of Microsoft's total revenue, according to CNBC.


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