Microsoft launches a new generation

Washington-ALSHARQIYA  June 25: Microsoft Corporation unveiled the next generation of its (Windows) program, (Windows 11), which contains a new start menu, and other features.

The latest version of Microsoft's main operating system, which was announced on Thursday, according to the Associated Press, will be the successor to Windows 10, which the company first introduced in 2015.

It is also expected that (Windows 11) will be available later this year on new computers and others, and will be available through a free update process for those who own a copy of (Windows 10).

It is noteworthy that when Microsoft launched (Windows 10) six years ago, it hoped that the new operating system would help it rebuild loyalty among users, who became increasingly dependent on tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

The first version was released in 1985, offering beginners a "graphic user interface" so they could click icons and menus with the mouse instead of typing commands on a blank screen.

It was considered the "backbone" of the personal computer for decades.


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