Mickey Mouse celebrates the 91st anniversary of his debut

United States-ALSHARQIYA   January 13: Today marks January 13, the 91st anniversary of the debut of the world's most popular cartoon, "Mickey Mouse," which first appeared in 1930.
It traces its origins to a real mouse in Walt Disney's country house, which was soon drawn by artist Ab Ayurex, and has become the beloved character of children and adults alike, while the character celebrates his birthday on November 18 every year.
Mickey wears elegant clothes and behaves like people, which is Mickey's nature.

The young companion, who promises a childhood imagination, has enriched many adventures with his girlfriend "Minnie Mouse" and his dog "Pluto" and his friends "Ducks" and "Hazelnuts".
The cartoon series "Mickey Mouse" appeared more than 90 years ago, and its fame became unprecedented until it became the official logo of Disney Studios.


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