Messi joins the list of Pele and Ronaldo

Madrid-ALsharqiya July 2: Lionel Messi, the Argentine national team and Barcelona club, entered the list of players who scored 700 goals in their football career, after he scored a goal against Atletico Madrid in the 33rd round of the Spanish Football League.

To become the seventh player to score at least 700 goals in his career, and his goals were distributed between 630 goals accompanied by Barcelona and 70 goals at the international level.

He also became only 13 goals from the equation of Pele's record with Santos of Brazil and became the record player for one team in history with 643 goals, according to the website quoted by Gul.

This was preceded by 6 Argentine players with 700 goals and more, and they are Joseph Bikan, who has 805 goals in 530 games, and Brazilian Pele, who has 779 goals in 842 games.

Another Brazilian presence, Romario, has 748 goals in 965 games, and Ronaldo has scored 722 goals in 993 games, in addition to Ferenc Puskas, who has 709 goals in 720 games.


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