Messi and Ronaldo reject a huge offer to go to Saudi Arabia

Riyadh-ALsharqiya, January 23: English press reports revealed that the best duo in the world, Ronaldo and Messi, rejected an offer from Saudi Arabia in the last period. According to the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, Messi, a Barcelona legend, and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Juventus player, rejected a huge offer from the Ministry of Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The newspaper indicated that the Ministry of Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had hoped to contract with Ronaldo and Messi to lead a promotional campaign to encourage tourism in the Kingdom under the slogan of visiting Saudi Arabia. The newspaper stressed that the best duo in the world rejected the offer, and the reason for the refusal was due to human rights. The duo, Ronaldo and Messi, are the most famous footballers in the world, so there was a strong presence from the Saudi Ministry of Tourism to contract with them to promote this campaign.


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