Merkel doll sold in Germany for 189 euros

Germany-ALSHARQIYA  September 20: A factory specializing in the manufacture of bear toys in Coburg, Germany, designed a "teddy bear" for sale in the market at a value of 189 euros, on the occasion of the departure of Angela Merkel from her position as German Chancellor.
A German factory has been designing teddy bears for a century, but in addition to that, it designs teddy bears for famous personalities around the world, as it previously designed dolls for American presidents, such as Barack Obama, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, in addition to a German chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, and the Queen Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, according to "Sputnik".
According to teddy-fabrik director Martin Hermann, "The factory displays personalities of stature and name in the world in its showroom."
"Manufacturers do not design toys for children, they create masterpieces," he says.
The teddy bear "Merkel" is shown wearing a red jacket and black pants, and her hands are placed side by side, like the famous Merkel movement.
Only 500 pieces are made of this doll, and one of them will be presented to Merkel personally, where she will receive toy number 16, the number of years she spent in her position as chancellor.


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